Bodyweight training for serious and realistic results. A bulletproof system to get in shape & build muscle. Learn advanced calisthenics. - Dominik Sky

Tutorial Overview

Fat loss

  • All skill levels
  • 24
  • 2:00H

One arm chin up

  • All skil levels
  • 28
  • 2:15HH

Handstand push up

  • All skill Levels
  • 26
  • 1:40H

Muscle up

  • All Skill Levels
  • 23
  • 2:05H

Acrobatics: Backflip

  • All levels
  • 14
  • 1:00H

Upper body basics

  • All skill Levels
  • 41
  • 2:40H


  • All skill Levels
  • 33
  • 1:50H
Muhammed Munshi

Ive been looking for this my whole life. excellent

Skeptic becoming a huge fan

Honestly, in the beginning (about 3 months ago) I was doubtful that this program will work for me ... meaning, that I will find it interesting to stick with it and also that I will see soon some improvement in my strength and mobility (both are important to my other hobbies, like dirt biking). Well, let's just say that I am happy to admit that I was wrong this time. I find this program to be the first in my 48-year long life that I am looking forward to my exercise days (unheard of before). I am about to be done with UBB and LBB, starting Boss soon. So, I just want to thank Dominik and his team for their hard work yet keeping the price affordable. Now I can see the tremendous value, so should you if you are considering this to buy.

Really good for beginners

The videos are very well explained in detail and also fun to watch because of Dominik's humorous personality. Recommend for anyone who wants to begin calisthenics. Learn how to do every movement with perfect form along with advanced movements. This program has no bullshit, only facts! Worth every penny!

All you need

I like the tutorials in general and particularly how the programs are made up. Keen on learning some skills such as Muscle up, One Arm Chin-up and Handstand Push-up, Dominiks tutorials are of great help to me. Since I'm training according the tutorials, I gained again strength and I'm really progressing. I can recommend this tutorials to everyone serious about getting stronger and keen on learning some skills. It needs to be mentioned that I'm getting 44 years and I'm doing progressive Calisthenics since about 3 years.


Best thing ever

Great tutorial & great team

The tutorials are well done and dominik is a great teacher. His team is fast and kind. grade 100

Amazing, but could be even better

I love these workouts b/c they are thorough, effective and clearly explained. The content itself is amazing and deserves all 5 stars. I am taking away 1 star to suggest an improvement to the format of the information. Videos are great when studying a workout for the first time, but not so good for being used in the gym during the workout. It would be really helpful if each video came with a textual description of all the exercises, reps and sets. That would give people something easy to follow during their workout, w/o getting distracted by the phone while fiddling with the video. I started doing that for my favourite workouts, so now I can either print them out or just see the entire workout at a glance on my phone in a text file.

Great Programme!

The best thing this routines have, is the fact they explain very well how to perform the movements and the strength progressions, to achieve the goals are also very good. The rest depends only on each person and the will of each one. I'm sure that with this programmes and with my motivation and hard work I will achieve the greatness in calisthenics.