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The Programs

1. Where do I start?

First you need to choose a weekly schedule. Start by going to the Tutorial overview and watch the free tutorial called ‘Scheduling’:

Weekly Scheduling

Beginner, Boss, Beast, level?

In all tutorials there are three levels of difficulty:

‘Beginner level’: This is where you find the least difficult routines and exercises. If you are starting ‘from scratch’ this is for you.

‘Boss’ (Intermediate level):
Exercises and routines in this level are more difficult. Start here if you have worked your way through and completed the beginner level.

‘Beast’ (Expert level):
The routines and exercises in this level, are hardcore. The level is suited for the already prepared and conditioned athlete. If you have completed the ‘Beginner’ and ‘Boss’ levels with flying colours you have earned the strength to challenge this level.

The levels are specifically constructed to progressively increase your ability within the tutorial. The idea is to start at a level that challenges you and work your way through it, into the next level.

You should only start the ‘boss level’ if you can complete all routines of the ‘beginner level’ with ease. You should only start the ‘beast level’ if you can complete all the routines of the ‘boss level’ with ease.

Which level should I start with?

You should try out routines or test milestones of different levels. That is how you determine which level matches your physical abilities.

If a routine or a milestone consists of exercises with reps and sets too difficult for you to complete then, then you know that your ability level lies not beyond that point but before it.